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Laurie, along with her husband Lance Coffman are the proud owners of Inspire Coffee in Lodi. Laurie has been married to her high school sweetheart, her husband Lance, for over twenty eight years and is the proud mother of 3 amazing kids. She has served in various capacities in ministry over the past 27 years including, Youth, College, Young Adult, Women’s Ministry, Church Administration, and Senior Pastoring. Laurie also is the Founder and President of The Hope Initiative, a 501 (c)(3) Non- Profit Organization that is battling sex trafficking through awareness and rescue in San Joaquin County and the Central Valley. Laurie is marked by her contagious passion for people and the Gospel. She has a special way of pulling out the gold of those around her and releasing hope everywhere she goes. She is passionate about building up the Kingdom of God, living life to the fullest, chasing after her dreams, and changing the world around her. She will inspire you to do the same!


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Melissa Herrmann, Founder of Emerge Counseling and

Consulting and Co-Founder of M 3 Transformations, has

spent the past 18-years focused on working directly with

children-at-risk and vulnerable women across the globe.

Her efforts have entailed establishing and directing

numerous children’s homes and residential facilities,

developing community-based programs, training

thousands of professionals and organizations around the

world, and providing trauma counseling and psycho-

education. Her program models have been recognized by

multiple governments, which led her to assist the

government of Rwanda in nationalized orphan-care policy

reform. Her work was in collaboration with organizations

such as UN, USAID, and World Vision.


Melissa has sat on numerous counsels, collaborative groups, and NGO board of directors

seeking to provide insight into policy reform and program development for traumatized populations.


I specialize in working with people of color and all others who need support. I also come from a Christian perspective, although I am open to working with people from all backgrounds. I have been formerly trained in trauma-informed practices and I am a Certified WRAP Facilitator. And trained in EMDR. I sincerely care about helping people overcome their tragedies and I whole-heartedly support recovery from trauma, addictions, and life experiences that could potentially provide setbacks. I believe the saying, "A setback is a setup for a comeback!"

I am in the process of becoming a Traumatologist. I have over 15 years of providing psychotherapy. I inspire others and empower them to overcome their life tragedies. I work with children from ages 3 on up and adults. Including marital/couple's therapy (gay and straight) and family therapy. I provide clinical supervision and psychological evaluations.


Hello there,


My name is Kristin and I am a wife, mother of 5 boys ranging from their teens to adults, and I made it out alive. I know what it’s like to be a young girl listening to all of the wrong voices in my life. I was raised in the church but at the age of 16, I moved out of my mom’s house and decided to do it my way. “My way” consisted of dropping out of school, living in a drug house, and becoming pregnant by the age of 17.


Although I was not trafficked personally, I have seen my own life go down an unintentional road of destruction. There is so much that has happened between that time of my life and now. I am a high school teacher and have been married for 10 years. God saved me and redeemed me, pulled me out of that situation (after many years of running) and now I have something to share and give back to my community. I’m nowhere near perfect, but that’s what God loves to use… if we just say yes to Him.  



My name is Danielle, 


And I love family, adventuring with my friends and using my creativity to cook with fresh and wild ingredients as well as mold fine chocolates.


 I love too travel and serve people and communities everywhere I go. I’ve lived in Maui Hawaii, Florida and now California. I love to be apart of the process of helping propel woman and children in their identity  full purpose in the Lord.

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